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Traditional Wooden Rocking Horse Features & Build Process

- The head gives each rocking horse its unique personality. Carved wrongly, the horse will lack spontaneity, vitality and life. Our wooden heads are exquisitely carved following the style of the greatest horses from the past.
View thumbnails of Tetbury Rocking Horse Works rocking horses
View thumbnails of our rocking horse heads

- The saddle and bridle are both handmade from fine quality tanned English leather.

- Beautifully padded seats ensure a comfortable and secure ride for youngsters.

Colour Swatches of the real horse hair used on Tetbury Rocking Horses- Only real horse hair is used on our traditional wooden rocking horses and comes in a choice of many colours colours; blonde, light dapple grey, darker dapple grey, black, caramel, chestnut, grey/brown and pied black and white. We also have a selection of beautiful curly cow tails in blonde, caramel, brown and black.

- Artistry: Every horse is hand carved and hand painted, not spray painted. Tetbury Rocking Horse Works are able to offer an individual painting technique to your horse at no extra cost, should you require it. The horses featured are painted brown on mushroom colour. Black spots on grey/white are also available.

- Fine muscle carving and turned head on Deluxe version

- Generous horse sizes: compare our sizes with our competitors - As part of their design, all our wooden rocking horses have a small hollow in the centre of the body. Your time capsule can be inserted by us as we are completing your horse.

- All rocking horses come with a free brass plate on which can be engraved your chosen message. A silver plate is available at a small extra charge.
This year, 2014 is the Chinese year of the wood horse.
To commemorate the year of the wood horse, we will add the following text to your brass plaque:
Chinese Year of the Wood Horse

- To do justice to the beauty of the horses, we mount them on fine quality wooden stands. Hardwood stand available as an extra.

- Green policy: Information from Friends of the Earth inform us that there are no reliable source of exotic hard woods. Therefore Tetbury Rocking Horse Works have a policy of sourcing their timbers from sustainable European markets and do not manufacture horses nor stands from timbers such as mahogany, teak or walnut. Customers should be aware that most horses manufactured from such woods are likely to be imports.

- New rocking horses delivered free of charge within a fifty miles radius, please see price list. Please enquire for deliveries over 50 miles.