Horses for Sale in our Stable

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Above, you can see all the models we offer. The traditional Dapple grey, rocking Zebra, rocking unicorn, oak horse, pine horse.
All models are available in four sizes, from size A, suitable for very young children through to our large size D, suitable for adult riding with child.
We do not import our horses; they are all made by us in our own workshop.
Customers are welcome to visit and see the rocking horses being made.
Please see our short video tour of our workshop and processes involved in the making of our rocking horses. (available soon)


Normally our horses are hand painted, in a style reminiscent of the traditional dapple grey rocking horses that we are all familiar with.
We also offer a more subtle, more realistic dappling in other shades such as brown on beige, as depicted on the horse in our home page
If you have a special horse in mind, we are very happy to copy from a photo or picture.


Rocking horse tack comes in three colours; Havana, black and tan. We also offer a silver, cream and gold for our unicorns. Please do not hesitate to ask if you have a special equirement.
All hand sewn with brass bits, the bridles are removable on our three larger sizes. The bridles on the smallest horses are fixed.


The rocking horses can be mounted on the popular safety stands (invented in North America at the end of th 19th century) available in pine, oak, ash or other wood of your choice. The timber can be stained to match your surroundings. We also offer the traditional splendid Georgian bows in ash. Note that bows and hardwood stands are available at extra cost. Please see price list.